League of Legends - Bilgewater Game Lookup

Welcome to the Bilgewater Match History site!

Version: Refers to the 2 different patches: 5.11 and 5.14!

Region and language should be self explanatory.

Region: Refers to the many servers that League of Legends is played on.

Language: Allows you to see the stats in a different language. (Mainly just the names)

The purpose of this site was to collect the data from the two bilgewater sites and compare the Before and After AP Item choices between players in a fixed set of matches, but I need a database to hold all of that info in, and a larger API key use. I have neither at this time so you can see the first 10 matches in both.

Bilgewater Match History

KDA Graph Gold Graph Damage Graph Close

Kills, Deaths, and Assists per Summoner


Total Gold Per Summoner


Total Damage Dealt and Received