Minecraft @ Asemco.net

There's a couple things to do in order to play, with mods!

You need to download:

  1. A Forge MC .jar (Version 1.12) - Forge Website
  2. Each Mod currently running on the server

First, download and run this: Universal Forge 1.12 Installer or this: Windows Forge 1.12 Installer.
Once you download and install Forge (Keep the default path), you need to get the mods that the server is running. We have:

Once you have all of them, you have to put the into the mods folder where minecraft is installed. On Windows, that's C:\Users\username\AppData\roaming\.minecraft\mods.
If the mods folder doesn't exist, create it.

Run the Minecraft Launcher and choose the Forge profile (This won't be there if you didn't run the installer!). You should now be able to connect!

Server Address: asemco.net